Vertical Addiction CT - Pole Fitness Studio - Stamford, CT


Vertical Addiction is an aerial arts studio for women of all ages.


Want to know a juicy secret?! You can actually be excited to work out! Yes that's right...ADDICTED like you can't stop dreaming about the next time you get to burn calories and work hard!

Not only that but while you are working out and burning those C's you get to feel sexaayyy!! And come on, who doesn't want to feel like a supermodel walking down the street in their favorite pair of skinny jeans?!

So here's the secret...Vertical Addiction is Stamford's little gem where students of all ages come
To dance, spin, climb and feel fabulous! In this studio magical things happen!  You will feel empowered and inspired to try things you never thought possible and ya know what, you WILL do them and you'll feel so amazing you'll keep coming back for more. And while all these incredible things are happening you'll be getting stronger, leaner, sexier and feel like the goddess you are!

So what are you waiting for?! Join the party and let's get to work!

Classes range from beginner to advanced level pole fitness, FlyGym, flexibility, chair dance, & more! Check out our schedule for full details...see you on the pole!


Student Testimonial

I have yo-yo'd up and down the scale my whole life. In 20 years of marriage, I've had 5 children and moved 7 times. In 2008 I lost about 70 pounds, but never actually reached my target weight. Over the next few years, I steadily put back on more than half of that weight. I was feeling unhappy with myself and my ability to do things with my children and friends.

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Voted Top Small Studio after 1 year of business!

We are an ElevatED Certified Studio with ElevatED Certified Instructors


Gift Cards are available!

Vertical Addiction Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for any occasion. Stop by the Studio in Stamford, CT or Call 203-883-8383 to purchase.


To bring the addiction home, click here to order your very own pole.


Download our iPhone Application for Class Sign Up!

If you have an iPhone, signing up for classes just got easier. Search for Vertical Addiction in the app store or use the link here to download and sign up for classes. Android App coming soon.


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