"She believed she could so she did"

Pole & Aerial Classes


Never taken pole fitness before? This class is for you! You will learn the fundamentals of pole fitness including different hand grips, walks, beginner spins, and the basics of how your body moves around the pole. 


Level 1

You've nailed the basics and it's time to get creative! This class opens up a world of basic spins, floor work & simple holds. You will also begin to climb in class. Strength training will be a focus so you are prepared to begin inverting in level 2.


*No shoes permitted in this class.


All Level

You must at least be in level 1 to take this class. This class is open for students of all levels 1 and up. The focus is on progressions and digressions of spins and tricks. Instructor is open to suggestions of moves the students would like to work on. Inversions are utilized in this class.

*Shoes are optional.


Pole Dance

This class is exactly what it says, a pole dancing class! You will learn a short choreographed routine which will teach you to string together your spins and tricks with ease and fluidity. Different types of music will be utilized each week.


*Must at least be in level 1 to take this class

*Shoes are optional


Pole Flow

Want to learn how to string your movements, spins and tricks together in a fluid way? This class is for you! Here we focus on the fluidity of movements both on and off the pole.

*Not for beginners

*Shoes are optional.


Pole Play

This is open studio time for you to come practice what you've learned! This is NOT a class; there will be no instructor for spotting or teaching.

  **You may only practice tricks and spins you've learned in class and feel comfortable doing on your own.


Burlesque Dance

Bump, grind, shimmy and shake! Come celebrate your femininity and sensuality in this fun, flirtatious class. You'll get a full body workout and learn to move with grace and confidence, using the fundamentals of Burlesque dance, while building strength and improving flexibility.


Exotic Chair Dance

Get your sexy on! Strengthen and tone while performing slinky, sensual dance moves in on and around a chair, each class begins with a thorough warm-up and finishes with a cool-down/stretch. All levels welcome - no dance experience required!


Lap Dance

Time to loosen up and have some fun! "The Art of The Lap Dance," yes it is an art! Embrace your inner sensuality and learn a fun and sassy lap dance. Join Jeni Janover as she reminds you how it feels to be a woman through the empowerment of movement.


*No partner or experience necessary!

*shoes optional. If you chose to bring shoes they must be actual pole fitness heels.


Fly Gym Aerial Fitness®

Take your workout off the ground! Fly Gym Aerial Fitness incorporates elements from aerial arts, yoga and Pilates to create a fun workout that feels more like play than work. This class uses the Fly Gym equipment - strong yet soft and stretchy fabric swings - that enable students to get a great strengthening and stretching workout on fun - and safe - apparatus. Fly Gym is also a great compliment to pole training as it helps increase flexibility and strengthen muscle groups used for climbs and inversions.


Private Lessons

Are you intimidated by a group setting, or just can't fit our classes into your busy schedule? Are you getting ready to perform, compete or just always wanted to do a whole routine?


Then a private class is what you need! Privates are tailored to fit your every need. Please email Ashley@verticaladdictionct.com or call (203) 883-8383 to schedule a private.


*All private lessons are 60 minutes with an option to add 30 minutes. (Additional fees apply)


Routine Choreography

Are you performing in a showcase or competition? Are you overwhelmed by the idea of putting a routine together by yourself? Schedule an appointment to work one-on-one with our instructors, who will do everything to help you create the perfect routine!


*Please email Ashley@verticaladdictionct.com to schedule.


Class Guidelines

** Please refer to the Studio Guidelines for further information on studio policies and guidelines.